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SteamID: STEAM_0:0:154473714
Steam3id: [U:1:308947428]
Community ID: 76561198269213156

Profile: Public
Country: Indonesia
Created on: 20/12/2015
Profile Age: 2 years

Current Steam Friends

59 Friends
Icon Name Friends for days
| Aiushtha γƒ… πŸƒ | Aiushtha γƒ… πŸƒ 718
Ribrianne Ribrianne 779
I Am Just a Loli With Big Boobs I Am Just a Loli With Big Boobs 679
Danangga Danangga 838
anita anita 852
Bayok Bayok 832
Niverone Niverone 676
9PelatihBedes.Nosferatu 9PelatihBedes.Nosferatu 777
Debbyl. ℒ♀ Debbyl. ℒ♀ 851
ε―ζ€œ` ε―ζ€œ` 700
quit doto quit doto 853
ninelie ninelie 589
Stephen Vadakin Stephen Vadakin 848
Crestfall Crestfall 798
Aimer Aimer 678
  blank  blank 255
Quietzie Quietzie 853
Dont rich people difficult Dont rich people difficult 671
Tiffany Alvord Tiffany Alvord 846
18.04 18.04 855
Auxey Auxey 838
supp_gg liao supp_gg liao 678
Crystal  Crystal 813
hello darkness my old friend hello darkness my old friend 853
L L 697
Anneke Anneke 836
Einhenjar Einhenjar 737
fanged panda fanged panda 830
calm player calm player 847
Feed and Win Feed and Win 728
Jephunnex[][] Jephunnex[][] 807
qiuqiu qiuqiu 570
RosettaTryHard RosettaTryHard 838
Cold` Cold` 620
too much idiot here too much idiot here 847
love s sorrow love s sorrow 842
Polar Bear Polar Bear 648
YAPz7 YAPz7 807
Deku Deku 717
Revy` Revy` 563
β•š β•š 719
IamSetsuna IamSetsuna 777
  blank  blank 649
Miyachi Miyachi 789
Misella ~ Misella ~ 99
susu beruang susu beruang 704
babygum babygum 724

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